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A u t o c o n t r o l



Large experience has an enterprise in area of avtomatization control of side equipment of airplanes.

Requirements to the equipment which is made:


Maximal possible automation of tests.


Universality - as possibility of easy adaptation for the different devices of this class.


Active participation of operator in the process of tests.


Automatic forming of control document.

Manufactured equipment

About Us

Enterprise "Autocontrol" is created in 1992 on the base of factory laboratory of automation of tests.
For this time an enterprise passed a way from creation of avtomatization stands for separate devices to making of universal computer-controlled equipment.
Requirements, what we produce to the made equipment:

  • High quality of the made equipment.

  • To carry out an order in minimum terms. Time of making of the presented standards does not exceed three--four months.

  • Low prices.

  • Uninterrupted work of equipment in a guarantee and subsequent periods.

  • Fair of interrelation with Customer. We are able to be included in his position and finished say.


Address: Ukraine. Lviv. 3 Aviacijna str

phone: +38 (032) 2956659, phone fax: +38 (032) 2956660